Active Change Foundation


The Active Change Foundation (ACF) is an NGO that was set up to deal with serious violence such as gangs, violent extremism and hate crime. The objective of the organisation is to produce and further develop intervention tools and trainings that help to...

Back on Track - Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration Department of the Prison and Probation Service


“Deradicalisation – Back on track” (BOT) was designed to target the growing number of inmates in Danish prisons that are sentenced for terrorism offenses and pose a threat of fuelling in-prison radicalisation and recruitment. BOT is the second...

Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA)


Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) is an NGO and think tank in the field of security policy that provides research and training programmes for representatives of civil society, young professionals, policy makers and governmental...

Co-operation Ireland (CoIre)


Co-operation Ireland (CoIre) is an NGO that works to sustain peace on the island of Ireland by helping to build a shared and cohesive society, addressing conflict risks and aiming to prevent vulnerable young people from engaging in sectarian hate crime...

Cultures Interactive e.V. (CI)


Cultures Interactive (CI) is an NGO that works both in prevention and first-line deradicalisation with at-risk young people that are susceptible to violent rightwing extremism or ethno-nationalism/ religious fundamentalism – also to xenophobic, racist,...



Eruditio Publica (EP) is an NGO that is in the process of preparing prevention approaches towards radicalisation and hate crime. EP is presently beginning to work with practitioners in youth work, schools and local authorities, who are in close contact...

EUISA – European Union of Independent Students and Academics


EUISA is an European Organisation based in Austria and Germany and a member of RAN Radicalisation Awarness Network. EUISA is an umbrella organisation and network of the following independent organisations in Austria and Germany: „Österreichische...

EXIT S.C.S. onlus (Exit, cooperative social enterprise onlus)


EXIT S.C.S. Onlus is a cooperative social enterprise (NGO) providing specialized social services in prevention and intervention with violence and psychological abuse in different sectors of society as harassment/bullying at the workplace and in schools,...

Foresee Research Group Non-profit Ltd.


Foresee Research Group (FORESEE) is an NGO that works in consultancy, prevention, intervention and network building in the field of constructive conflict solution, restorative justice and prevention of social polarisation and exclusion. Here FORESEE has...

Fryshuset, Passus


Fryshuset, which means “cold store” in Swedish was founded in 1984. Formally Fryshuset was a foundation headed by the YMCA of Stockholm. The Swedish Passus project was started in 2010. It provides hands-on support for persons wanting to leave...

Gangway e.V., Social streetwork in Berlin


Gangway – Social Streetwork in Berlin (GW) is an NGO that provides detached street work in at-risk neighbourhoods of Berlin. It combines prevention and first-line anti-violence, anti-hate crime and exit interventions with young people that are...

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (Glencree)


Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (Glencree) is an NGO that works in conflict transformation and violence prevention with adults and young people, who may be at risk of adopting a sectarian worldview, engaging in paramilitary organisations or...

HelsinkiMissio, Aggredi


HelsinkiMissio is a non-governmental organisation for social services that was founded in 1883. HelsinkiMissio’s Aggredi programme, which was started in 2006 and formerly named Aikalisä (Time Out), works with many different target groups. Working with...

Libera. Associazioni Nomi e Numeri contro le mafie (Libera. Associations, Names and Numbers against mafias)


Libera (LI) is an NGO that engages both in prevention and targeted first-line work of mafia-disengagement and human rights/ social skills education. Here LI engages with at-risk or afflicted young people leaning towards involvement in mafias and towards...

Never Again Association


Never Again Association (NA) is an NGO that works in awareness raising, research, monitoring of racist and hate crime incidents and, on some recent occasions, carried out educational and awareness raising projects involving participation of inmates and...

NIACRO (previously known as: Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders)


NIACRO – Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders – is an NGO that has been working for 40 years to reduce crime and victimisation by means of offender reintegration, prevention, community work, multi-agency...

Race on the Agenda (ROTA)


Rota is a social action organisation and was founded 30 years ago as a result of joint efforts for a representative body to ensure that the Race Relations Act 1976 and the principles underlying it were implemented in public authorities of London and...

The RecoRa Institute


The RecoRa Institute (RecoRa) is a partnership of organisations and individuals from Sweden, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. It works on a not for profit basis to embed expertise relating to recognising and responding to ideological violence...

Sankofa - 7E Youth Academy Information


7E Youth Academy is an organisation which works at ground level with young people in gang / extremist communities; classified as hard to reach by local government departments. The philosophy is that the most precious resource of humanity are young...

SIPI: Foundation for Intercultural Participation and Integration; (Stichting Interculturele Participatie en Integratie)


SIPI in Amsterdam started as a small NGO of migrant woman in 2005. Now it is an independent organisation financed on the base of projects and language lessons by municipalities, ministries and funds. SIPI developed deradicalisation training for young...

Straathoekwerk (Street Corner Work) in Zaanstad


Straathoekwerk in Zaanstad (SWZ) started as a small NGO of street workers in the 1980s and is now financed by the local government. SWZ reaches out to all at risk young people who are entangled in problems of addiction, housing, job and social life,...


“Tarjama (TA)” is a non-governmental organisation/community initiative that works in religious education, community work and prevention in Sevran, a French “sensitive urban area” with a majority Muslim population. In Sevran young disenfranchised... – Jugendkultur, Religion und politische Bildung in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft (“ – Youth culture, religion and civic education in migration societies”)


Ufuq is an NGO that works primarily with youngsters of Muslim and/or immigrant background. It aims at empowering youngsters in their daily life and initiates discussions about questions of identity, belonging and religiosity. This also involves the...

Verein zur Förderung akzeptierender Jugendarbeit e.V. (Association to promote acceptance-based youth work), (VAJA e.V.)


VAJA e.V. is an NGO, which started acceptance-based youth work in Bremen within the 90s. Besides other target groups, VAJA e.V. deals with right wing orientated youth groups and youngsters attracted by Islamism and Salafism respectively, with youths with...

Violence Prevention Network e.V.


Violence Prevention Network is an NGO that works both in prevention and first-line deradicalisation with (young) people that are susceptible to violent rightwing extremism or religious fundamentalism. Violence Prevention Network works in youth...

West London Initiative

West London Initiative (WLI) is in an NGO that works in first-line deradicalisation with young people at-risk of developing extremist beliefs based upon erroneous understandings that are propagated by extremist ideologues. The focus is towards the...

Final Report

The Final Report of the first two project years is now available!

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