At the outset of the ENOD project exemplary NGOs and/or practice approaches are identified in several Member States, which may serve as national and international focal points. In-depth interviewing with practitioners, ex-offenders, ex-clients and experts will produce a collection of profiles of these NGOs and approaches, which will be informative and helpful for European practitioners, statutory bodies, the media and the wider public alike. They will also allow for productive cross-border work-meetings.

    Call for participation:

  • You are working with violent extremists or vulnerable young people or former extremists


  • You are dealing with extremism and violent behaviour and you facilitate deradicalisation and disengagement processes


  • You work for a specialized NGO or are an innovative statutory practitioner

Your contribution:

  • A few hours of time to speak with us
  • Conduct a focus-group interview among some of your facilitators
  • Refer one or two of your clients/ex-offenders to us for interviewing
  • Get in contact with and introduce us to one person from public service and from academia in your country, who is of relevance to your work
  • Come to our conference at the end of 2013 and meet the other partners

Your benefit:

    You will ...
  • engage in international exchange with first-line practitioners
  • participate in developing international quality standards
  • become a multiplying factor for your country
  • get in contact with the EU and its activities
  • improve your potential of influence and participation at home

Final Report

The Final Report of the first two project years is now available!

English Version
German Version
French Version

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