The objective of the European Network of Deradicalisation is to promote European practice exchange and cross-fertilisation of different regions and practice approaches. A particular emphasis will be placed on the methods and tools applied in the different national and regional fields of this work. In the long run, these methods and experiences may lead to an analysis of key impact factors and general guidelines for successful first-line deradicalisation interventions in different contexts. Ultimately, one may envision the development of evidence based training programmes for practitioners. Accompanying action research will evaluate to what extent such training programmes may be transferrable across Member States and regions of the European Union.

schalterThe project work will thus produce new insights and solutions, but will also confront us with new issues and questions. These may guide international follow-up projects and give valuable feedback to European policy making. Most concretely, this platform of horizontal local-to-local practitioners’ exchange may substantially contribute to the build-up of an active 'EU Deradicalisation Network' and a centre of excellence in intervention methods and training.

Final Report

The Final Report of the first two project years is now available!

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