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The added value of a European local-to-local network of those practitioners experienced in deradicalisation lies in its potential of providing international exchange, professional assistance, academic research and political lobbying across borders and national political habits.

The highpoint up to now and the conclusion of the two-year pilot phase was the conference aimed at establishing the European Network of Deradicalisation which was held from 31st October to 1st  November 2013 in Berlin. The content dealt with the different working and environmental conditions in the member states, as well as their wishes, needs and expectations for the future of deradicalisation work in Europe that can be taken up by the European Network of Deradicalisation. The stated objective of the conference was to agree on joint standards and objectives for all members and to establish the European Network of Deradicalisation officially.

The participants discussed their individual expectations and utopias for an ideal European Network of Deradicalisation in mixed, non-regional working groups. In conclusion, the participants could jointly commit themselves to the following points:

The European Network of Deradicalisation …

… is an independent voice of firstliners across borders.

… facilitates active and equal involvement.

… offers strategic exchange (expert exchange, practical exchange).

… promotes fair and transparent sharing.

… is a structure to facilitate the process of sharing knowledge and resources.

… is non–hierarchic.

… is an online network for permanent exchange.

… organises meetings when needed.

… has a democratic, loose structure with rotating chairmanship.

… will not foster parallel structures but use what is there.

… will not foster narcissism.

Establishing the European Network of Deradicalisation is the start of further-reaching, systematic cooperation between the individual members. The specific goals and tasks for the coming years are: networking and extension, sustainability and exchange of expertise.

Final Report

The Final Report of the first two project years is now available!

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