The European Network of Deradicalisation (ENoD) has been a network and interactive platform of NGO-practitioners, who engage in face-to-face deradicalisation work in a very broad sense. Not only did the member organisations cover all levels from primary up to tertiary prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism, some of the members were also active in adjacent fields such as Streetwork, Gang-exit interventions, conflict resolution and transformation, mafia disengagement, Bullying, mobbing and harassment etc.

The practitioners’ exchange pertained to methodologies used, target groups, good practice criteria, challenges, needs and institutional standing and support in the respective Member States.

Despite differences in the details of their working context all member organisations shared the following mission statement of the European Network of Deradicalisation (ENoD):

“To develop and verify practice through collaboration of European first-line practitioners who are committed to share ideas and resources to challenge and prevent ideology based violence and associated forms of group-focused enmity.”

The network has been set up from 2012 – 2014 as a project, funded with the financial support from the Prevention of and „Fight against Crime Programme“ of the European Union, European Commission – Directorate-General Home Affairs and co-financed the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany.

The European Network of Deradicalisation has been active beyond the funding period that ended in december 2014, but is now inactive. If you want to learn more about it, you can still download the final project report or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final Report

The Final Report of the first two project years is available here:

English Version
German Version
French Version